Our Story


Gandhi Brigade Youth Media is a pioneering afterschool program that empowers young people in the Washington, DC region to

use multimedia as tools to promote community building, multicultural understanding and the common good.


We offer young people the opportunity to use the media arts

as a developmental path for personal and community growth.

First, we teach students how to create effective media messages.

Second, we invite them to investigate the world around them. Third, we create opportunities for them to apply these new skills and abilities toward practical projects that foster dialogue and understanding. 




Why invest in youth voices?


At Gandhi Brigade Youth Media we do this work for the small, gradual differences we notice over time: the boost in confidence when a young adult speaks in front of a group; the knowledge and maturity it takes for a young adult to discuss the complexities of daily life; the respect and empathy with which a young adult treats his/her classmates. These are the outcomes that develop a young person to become tomorrow's leader.


Gandhi Brigade Youth Media provides programs that empower youth to be leaders in their communities.

We envision a diverse network of youth and adults who are

united in their commitment to fight for the empowerment of all people through the Gandhi principles of nonviolence, awareness and common effort.




Gandhi Brigade Youth Media was founded by Richard Jaeggi in 2008 as a way to foster youth perspectives. The organization began holding workshops in the Christ Congregational Church in Silver Spring and eventually moved into City Place Mall, where members of the community, young and old, would participate in learning activities and events. Richard passed away in May 2014. 


Anna Danielson, Executive Director

Emma Whitty, Program Manager



Anna Danielson

Executive Director


Emma Whitty

Program Manager


Tom Whittum



Lisa Middleton

Donor Communications


Malik Carter

Teaching Artist


Darryl Prather

Teaching Artist


Naomi Weintraub

Teaching Artist


Mohammad Pasha

Program Coordinator/Teaching Artist


Christy Batta

Teaching Artist


Tony Donaldson

Teaching Artist


Morgan Mckenzie

Teaching Artist


Smeeta Narang

Teaching Artist


Former Executive Directors

Evan Glass, 2014 - 2018

Richard Jaeggi, Founder, 2008-2014

Board of Directors

Carol Rubin, Chair

Uri Pasternak, Vice Chair

Ellen Daniels, Secretary 

Mandy Lam, Treasurer

Marye Wells-Harley

Deirdre O'Connor

Taylor Dotson

Jamie Karn

Hawa Toure

Nakia Heard