Mixed race African American teenager tee


Make three 10- to 30-second videos

Deadline: 10 days from date of sign-up for this project 

SSL Hours for this project: 6 hours 

You will also be eligible for .5 hours for any GBYM volunteer meeting you attend. 

Written parent/guardian permission is required. Signed media release required. 


You can use TikTok, Instagram, iMovie, or any of platform and software. Video must be ready for the public by completion date. 

GBYM instructors are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at our volunteer meetings to provide tutorials, show examples or completed projects, and help with any problems completing the task. 

You will need to use Zoom or another meeting software. Instructors will be able to give tutorials on how to record on Zoom, download video, and edit. 

Your videos will promote wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Those featured in the video will be wearing masks and will say 'Mask Up MoCo'. They will explain why or for whom they wear their mask and pratice social distancing. 

No profanity, no promotion of discriminatory or hate actions or language, (fill in the rest) 

The Promoters

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