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Gandhi Brigade Youth Media is a growing nonprofit youth development organization founded in 2005, with headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. We have moved into our all-new community hub and are expanding our program offerings and geographic reach. In preparation, we are proud to announce 11 openings to join the community leadership of our organization. Our expanded Board of Directors will represent the diverse communities where we live, work, and offer free after-school and summer courses. 


How To Nominate a Board Candidate: Any community member or local professional, student, parent, teacher, or program alumni is encouraged to nominate a candidate or self-nominate as a candidate by emailing the Nominating Committee at with Board Nomination in the subject line. Please include the full name of the nominee, brief information about why the nominee would be a good candidate to help lead GBYM, a short bio or a resume, and, if permitted by the nominee, contact details for the nominee, as well as contact details for the person nominating. GBYM will respond with questions or next steps such as scheduling an in-person conversation or inviting nominees to attend a GBYM event. Each Board opening will be open until filled. 







As an organization, we prioritize racial and economic equity in all of the choices we make to deliver quality programming focused on social justice issues. Our goal is to work in the community, alongside community leaders, as a community-led organization. By involving our communities in our leadership, and focusing on the quantity and quality of our programming, we will continue to increase our positive impact both internally and externally.


Board Activities: Our Board is a friendly and active group of community members interested in social justice and youth development. The Board actively supports the success of the Executive Director and the Program Manager. The Executive Director reports to the Board. The Board meets once per month. Each Board-member serves on a committee such as Programming, Finance, and Governance. Members host or participate in various organization events. Board-members agree to a ‘give-or-get’ program, committing to one or more of the following: an annual financial gift, local contacts, fundraising connections, or time and expertise. Our board-members provide valuable perspectives, expertise, and experience to help the organization best welcome and serve youth in under-represented families. 

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