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We began the Gandhi Brigade in the summer of 2005 for the purpose of preparing a new generation of leaders that would be equal to challenges of the Twenty First Century. We took up Gandhi’s challenge to form a “peace brigade” that trained for justice the way an army trains for war. We taught ourselves how to use video and other digital media as a tool to engage young people in the life of their community and to use the power of communication to transform the world. Help us make media not war.

THANK YOU!!! We appreciate and love all of you for showing up at the Youth Media Festival on May 31st at your best. Thank you, honestly! We are so proud and inspired to be a part of this community today and moving forward. Everyone at the Gandhi Brigade feels as though without the strong foundation of community holding us up, we wouldn’t have made it through this time. Thank you for this experience. May you all be at peace and create lasting positive change in our community.

For any inquiries as to how to get involved in the Gandhi Brigade as a youth or volunteer or just to keep in touch -please contact us at (301) 592-1900 or email: info@gandhibrigade.org

Winners of the 4 hr video competition and performance competition will be posted to our Youth Media Festival Page soon.


Happy 10th Anniversary Docs in Progress! Ten years and more than 1000 filmmakers later.

Louder than a Bomb Poetry Festival this month, check out events on our calendar. Show up and use your VOICE!

Floetic Fridays Open Mic Metro TeenAIDS Freestyle Youth Center See our. Calendar for details.


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There are no upcoming events.

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